The New World of Work has Arrived! Are You Aware?

Gig Economy

The advance in technology has created a new world of work which has given U.S. workers of all demographics the ability to define their work/life balance and provided a choice to seek contract and platform work rather than take the traditional path as an employee

Where it All Started !

Advancing the Social Contract 

for Gig Economy Workers

Policy Forum, DC

February 28, 2017

Key policymakers, like Senator Warner (D-VA), gig economy company leaders, thought leaders, and human capital associations gathered to address challenges in the gig economy, with a focus on creating an actionable agenda to provide more support for gig economy workers. Hollie was a panelist representing the voice of the Independent Worker, sharing her thoughts and experience.

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"Hollie Heikkinen is a nationally recognized expert in the regulatory environment and barriers regarding benefits and insurance for the free agent workforce. She has provided advice and counsel for staffing firms, large and small; the insurance industry; thought leaders; and state, federal and international policymakers. In addition to her role as a consultant, you'll find her to be an inspirational and thought provoking speaker."    -Carl Camden, CEO, Kelly Services

Other Gig Advocates


Through current labor, insurance and banking regulation, education and workplace culture, independent workers are being discriminated against without a full understanding of how and why

"Intellect gives direction, but emotion drives choice"

​Creating Solutions for Independent Workers

Independent Worker vs. Wage Slave

53 million U.S. workers have made the choice to earn their living as Independent Contractors. No longer interested in the traditional employer/employee relationship, free agents  enjoy certain freedoms, flexibility and control over their careers unlike most typical employees

Lack of Protection

Many choose to be independent workers despite the inherent risks they assume, such as lack of a benefit structure and no assurance that they will be paid consistently or timely


Considered by many to be an established "voice" of the GIG economy worker, Hollie is a passionate and inspiring speaker. She has engaged with C-level executives and Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States and Europe speaking about the new world of work. Hollie has garnered greater attention to the Independent Workers lack of available benefits, the need for fair and equal government regulation and the unrecognized discrimination they currently experience in the US workplace.

"Hollie's passion and commitment to the free agent workforce is matched only by her policy expertise-all of which are instantly recognizable the moment you start a conversation with her. Her creativity and unabashed pursuit of viable policy solutions makes Hollie a powerful advocate in this burgeoning space. As the American labor market goes through its next evolution, Hollie is the right person at the right time to help chart this new path."     -Sage Eastman, Principal, Mehlman Castagnetti, D.C. lobbyist firm

Hollie Heikkinen

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Design and implementation of benefit solutions for aggregators of independent labor in the US

Consulting services to small & mid-size companies and both federal and local governments on the current workplace regulatory challenges and solutions

Invigorates companies to implement workplace change that allows better integration of independent workers into their workplace culture, eliminating discrimination

Grass Root speaking engagements on the Gig Economy, workplace equality, state and federal policy, regulation and benefits