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Independent by Choice

Raising 4 children, enjoying 3 grandsons and her self-employed husband, running multiple businesses and growing personally and professionally would not have been possible working the typical 9-5 job. Her choice, at an early age, to become an independent worker has given her the freedom and flexibility to manage her life according to her own terms.

"With all that I have experienced, accomplished and desire in my life, I feel that I am a true example for what is possible for those who choose to take risk and go for it, but today it has become my mission to mitigate risk for those willing to design the lives they desire."   

- Hollie Heikkinen

Hollie Heikkinen

455 E. Cady Street Northville MI 48167 US


Hollie's Bio

Hollie Heikkinen, CEO & Founder of iWorker Innovations and Thought Leader for the advancement of independent worker equality. A lifelong entrepreneur, Hollie has founded 9 businesses over the past 25 years and brings a keen (and deeply personal) understanding of the myriad policy challenges and obstacles presented by the gig economy. She is an expert advisor to national associations and a tireless advocate for common-sense reform, bringing her fight to the halls of Washington, DC and the board rooms of Fortune 500 aggregators and insurance giants alike. In 2017, Hollie launched an innovative insurance brokerage designed specifically around meeting the unique needs of independent workers. She is currently partnering with national firms and associations to connect gig workers with bundled, portable packages that leverage the strength of their growing numbers and provide key protections and safety nets they are currently denied in government programs. Hollie’s empathy for serving all people and passion for life is contagious and brightly shines through everything she does.

Empathy through Experience

Hollie's empathy for independent workers was borne of her own poignant life experiences. Her father was a lifelong independent worker and a man of strong convictions. Uncompromising in his values, he made a bold choice to remain true to them regardless of societal expectations – but without fully realizing the lasting implications this would have for his career and his family. 

Without a "real job" or traditional employment, he experienced the risks that independent workers still face today: no financial security or income continuation, lack of health benefits and workplace discrimination. As a result, Hollie's family frequently endured periods of instability, hardship and strife, and when she was only 14 years old her father tragically passed away, leaving behind 4 children to fend for themselves.

The consequences of her father's choice soon became Hollie's reality, which ultimately grew into her fervent passion. She believes that all working men and women should be treated fairly and equally. Her father stood tall in his beliefs and he made a decision based on those principles, like many independent workers, but often without a clear understanding of the inherent risks and the potential weight of that choice.